PDair Introduces new Galaxy Note2 Leather Case and Accessories

The Galaxy Note2 is highly priced and as such, there is need to ensure it is well protected and used effectively. PDair has released a new set of Galaxy Note2 leather case and Galaxy Note2 accessories making it easy for customers to accomplish both ends with ease.

PDair new release has set a new trend in the market. The leather cases they have on offer are trendy, well designed and made from high quality materials. It is this fact that makes it increasingly important for Galaxy Note2 owners to visit the store in order to get a clear picture of what they have to offer.

Ideally, these are designed to meet the needs and requirements of different customers. Some of the options to choose from therefore include the flip type, the flip top type, the book type, horizontal pouch type, business type and vertical pouch type with belt clip.

All these are currently available at the PDair store and they also come in different colors such as petal pick, brown, red, purple transparent, grey, green and black among others. Thanks to this diversity in styles and colors, customers are better placed to choose cases that match up to their individual needs and this is by large what makes PDair endearing to consumers.

Apart from the Galaxy Note2 leather case available in the store, there are some cases which will be coming to the shelves soon. These include the ultra thin leather case for Samsung flip type in brown and petal pink and the book type ultra thin leather case for Samsung Note II GT-N7100- flip top type and book type in red and brown. Ideally, PDair has a variety of other cases which are set to hit the store soon and consumers can have a look at these before making their pick.

The leather case offered by PDair is complimented with variety of Galaxy Note2 accessories and these include charger –UK plug, mini stylus touch pen which comes in black silver, red, purple and gold and USB wall home charger among others. The Galaxy Note2 accessories are designed to increase the ease with which consumers use the Galaxy Note2.

With the Galaxy Note2 leather case, there are features that you ought to expect. The case often features a belt clip and magnetic studs that make it easy to open and close the case. What is more, it also comes with white stitching which increases the beauty and appeal of the case. PDair has priced their leather cases at $ 39.99 and this means that you can choose a style and color that suits your tastes and preferences accordingly.

About PDair
PDair is a reputed company that is currently offering a range of Galaxy Note2 leather case and accessories for consumers to choose from. The company has been operating for years and has a website that is easy to navigate and operate. They offer high quality products and they always work towards delivering new, innovative accessories and cases for the purpose of ensuring that all customer needs are met to perfection. The products offered by PDair including Galaxy Note2 accessories are meant to provide maximum functionality, protection and style.