Learn to make big returns from Alternative Investments

At Capital Alternatives, we know the secret of harnessing the potential of alternative assets is to capitalise on markets where there is considerable demand and relatively short supply.

As the leaders in the alternative investment market, we will explain how we have helped our clients achieve 15% annual returns in the current market. At our 2-hour seminar “Learn to make BIG RETURNS from Alternative Investments” held on Thursday, 25th October 2012 at Renaissance London Heathrow hotel, we will provide the information the investors require to take advantage of the fantastic opportunities available in market of alternative investments.

Our experts believe the traditional assets are increasingly becoming more correlated and the impact of investment in one market can be seen in other global markets. Alternatively, alternatives provide options to diversify risks and gain higher returns. We plan to provide all-inclusive up-to-date coverage of investment strategies, which have evolved as the mainstream investment strategies of institutional investors as investors prefer the diversification to reduce the impact of uncertainty in the traditional markets.

Investment in alternatives is growing, however, investors require a clear knowledge and education on the strategies and the asset classes, to diversify successfully, to minimize risks and maximize returns. Capital Alternatives is a pioneer in alternatives, continually researching on latest money management strategies suitable for investors seeking evolving deals in alternatives and supports investors in effectively managing the investments. We hope more opportunities will grow for investors seeking secure deals in alternatives as you come to our seminar on alternative investments “Learn to make BIG RETURNS from Alternative Investments”.

Our expert panel will discuss topics such as:
• Capital growth from directly owned tangible investments and alternative asset classes
• Diversification of risks by building a balanced investment portfolio
• Gains from markets where the demand is limited
• Government-backed reliable investment scheme with unlimited upside potential.

The panel will provide ideas / views on greater upside potential for diversification. Alternatives can be low- risk, medium -risk or high- risk investments. Lower risk / medium risk investment class provides long-term secure returns and are safer as compared to investments in the traditional market.