Reduce Dog Smells And Pet Odour With Antibacterial Disinfectant

Dogs are naturally prone to carry odours around with them. The oil in their fur can become particularly pungent when wet, and because dogs traipse around outdoors they have a tendency to pick up dirt and other items that potentially carry odorous smells with them.

When they return to the home, the smells will be transferred to the floor on which dogs walk, the walls they brush against, and the surfaces on which they rest or sleep.

Preventing dog smells can be difficult. Owners should not prevent their dog from taking regular exercise simply to stop the smells from forming and even regular bathing or showers may not prove enough to rid the dog and home of nasty smells. Fortunately, there are methods to prevent the different types of odour from lingering in the home and by introducing antibacterial disinfectant into a regular cleaning regime it is possible to eliminate the smells that are associated with pets.

Particularly pungent dog smells may be a symptom of a greater problem, including illness in the dog so owners are advised to get their dog checked out by the vet if this is a particular problem. Unfortunately, though, some dogs naturally smell more than others. A disinfectant spray can remove the dirt and any nasty insects or creatures that may be causing the smell. It will kill bacteria, which is another potential cause of odours, and it can be used on many of the surfaces around the home too.

Zoflora has been manufacturing fragrant disinfectants since 1922 when Nathan Thornton and Philip Ross became partners and formed Thornton and Ross manufacturing company. There are many lines of Zoflora products including antibacterial disinfectant sprays which can effectively get rid of pet smells and odours from around the home.

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