The Rules of Tradition in a Visually Exciting Style

Many thought that it simply could not be done. Others thought it foolhardy to even attempt. A few tried and failed simply because the two worlds could not find a common ground upon which to stand together. All of that has changed and it took the seasoned, professional tailors at to succeed where so many others have failed.

Clements and Church have accomplished the impossible by bringing tailor made, custom fit gentlemen’s clothing and ready-to-wear contemporary gentlemen’s clothing together at last, including limited edition shirts.

One of the reasons that this independent British Tailor was able to pull this off so successfully is that they brought with them the expertise of the finest craftsmen in the trade. They use only the finest materials and make the transition into ready-to-wear men’s clothing with pure elegance and style. For the man who loves old world quality merged with contemporary design, Clements and Church is the only place to go.

In 2007, Clements and Church launched a brand of their very own. Driven by passion, their line conveys quality and style from the ground up. The shoes are handcrafted and make a statement of their very own, even while complementing the elegant garments made from C&C’s very own limited edition luxury fabrics. Add their colourful and unique tie prints and enamel cufflinks and you have a well-dressed man in contemporary design made with old world quality.

Another reason Clements and Church have found such success is that they travelled the world in search of fabrics and material to import so that the accessories can be made right here in England, where the words “Made with Pride” still mean something. Every single accessory, including the expertly crafted, hand-made shoes, the durable, colourful ties and the enamel, hand-finished cufflinks are all made in England so that you can be assured of the highest standards of work and craftsmanship.

There is something special at Clements and Church and this is just as true when considering their new range of limited edition shirts. Always with an eye on the very best, these shirts are made in Italy from the finest cottons on the planet. Luxury is always part of what makes the outfit, which is why these shirts are made from fabric that is cut by hand and designed to be the perfect addition to the contemporary ensemble.

First impressions are important, but in today’s fast-paced world you do not always have time to be tailored to your very best and now you do not have to. Clements and Church can help you look your very best with their complete line of tailor-made ready to wear contemporary gentlemen’s clothing. Just one trip to will have you convinced that their ultramodern, bespoke British tailoring, including their limited edition shirt range, will offer the perfect solution for the discerning gentleman who follows the rules of tradition but does so in an avant garde and visually exciting way.