Cleaning Services in London – the value of professionals

Cleaning services in London have had to adapt to keep their customers and secure their future.

The recession has led many firms to review where they spend money and they are increasingly cutting back on the services they buy, in particular cleaning services. London firms have a tendency to believe that anyone can clean, so it is something that they can get their staff to do at quiet times. This is particularly the case when it comes to basic cleaning tasks such as office cleaning.

For the cleaning industry in London, this has presented quite a challenge. They find it quite hard to hang onto clients and to get the ones they do still have to pay their bills on time. However, slowly but surely customers are coming back to them.

Firms have learnt, the hard way, that keeping a workplace, even a small office, properly clean is not something can be done without regular and detailed cleaning. If things do not get done on a regular basis to a high standard dirt builds up and little jobs become big jobs that take ages.

A dusty or unclean, messy environment soon becomes an unpleasant and an unhealthy place to work. Productivity suffers in an untidy workplace. Studies show that staff working in an untidy or dirty environment take less pride in their work. The environment they work in has a big impact on their attitude to their work. Staff do not appreciate having to do their own cleaning on some level most of them resent it, which is also not good for morale.

Cleaning services in London diversifying

Cleaning firms that have been around long enough know that they need to re-double their efforts and be even more flexible. These firms have survived other recessions. They know that providing an excellent service, for a fair price, is the best way to weather this storm.

Firms like The Mayfair Cleaning Company certainly fall into that category. They were founded in 1910 and their approach is to be one stop shop for their clients. They provide the full range of cleaning service from general cleaning to window cleaning and pest control. If a firm needs their drains cleared or hazard chemicals dealt with they will deal with it. Their standards are exceptionally high, and their clients know they can rely on them 100%.

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