What’s Wax Figure?

Wax Figure is art that named Dimensional Photography of super realism. Wax Statue Art is more close to original figure that owns strong ornamental and the specific function of restoring historical figures, and molded Hyper-Realistic Figure is vivid normally.

The art came to our country in 80s twenty century, and has reached to advanced level of the world through our sculpted artists’ unceasing endeavor. In addition, there is film Wax Figure.

Wax Statue develops to present modern Life Sized Wax Figure Art from single making image model with wax that go through long historic process. In 4 century BC, Macedonia King Alexander the Great once invited artist to make Wax Image Model on himself.

Ancient Egypt people once put Waxen God Statue into coffin in the funeral ceremony. Ancient Greek decorated Waxen God Figure Model in the religionary ceremony. From 17 century to 18 century, Spain and Italy colorful Waxen sculpted relief is popular. At the same time, Waxen Image making is developed to medical science. Sicily Gaetano Giulio Zunball and French surgeon Promodes work together to make Human Anatomy Wax Figure.