Storage Direct -The Perfect Shelving Systems In Place

“Storage Direct” which is a subsidiary of “Apex Linvar” has been successful in introducing unique ideas in the world storage and shelving. This is quite important as business houses need to store goods so that they can fetch a better price at a later date. They have realized the importance and have come out with unique ideas. They do play a major role so that business houses have perfect shelving systems in place. The products here at “Storage direct” range from boltless shelving bays, to boltless shelving accessories.

In fact, if there is a need for light duty value shelving, or heavy duty long span shelving bays one can look up to storage direct to supply them. Even if there is a need to store hazardous chemical elements one can again rely on their products. Their hazardous storage cabinets are more than useful in such circumstances.

“Storage Direct” has answers to any kind of storage problems that may have arisen. So, if there are worries regarding fire one can even opt for fire resistant storage facilities of “Storage Direct”. They offer quality products at cheap prices. So, this is the name Buckinghamshire residents can rely upon if there is a need for storage shelves . Their product range also includes steps and ladders.

About The Company:

As mentioned earlier “Storage Direct” is a subsidiary of “Apex Linvar”. It is into the business of storage shelves for the last 19 years. Hence, one can very much realize that over the years they have gathered huge experience in this field. They have not stopped and are continuously involved in the process of developing new products to meet the challenges. They are totally dedicated to the cause. Hence, if there is a feeling that one is need of better storage facilities there always is the option of contacting them at the address given below.