Simply Sleep Mattresses Launches Superior Memory Foam Mattress

Simply Sleep Mattresses, renowned memory foam manufacturers have launched the complete space age sleep solution in its advanced memory foam mattress. The mattress promises 30 percent more comfort in sleeping at night and dramatically diminishes body aches at a fraction of the cost of high end mattresses.

Made of best quality memory foam, encased in a silken cover, the latest memory foam mattress from Simply Sleep Mattresses follows silhouette and conforms to body contours giving a refreshing sleep. What’s more, with the new memory foam mattress, one can hardly feel the bedmate turning sides.

A memory foam mattress has multiple layers of tightly packed memory foam- foam that doesn’t flat out or sag. As a result, these mattresses distribute the user’s weight uniformly all over and makes for a firm yet snug bed. This helps in the prevention of pressure points in the body. The density and consistency of the memory foam ensure that no part of the body rests in the wrong posture.

These mattresses are known to help the body re-align itself. It is no wonder then that a couple of weeks’ sleep on a memory foam mattress is enough to lessen and cure chronic aches. Memory foam is especially beneficial for the elderly since it gives respite from long-standing pains in the neck, shoulders, lower back, hips, thighs and legs. Simply Sleep Mattresses make sure their mattresses are well aerated and resistant to odor or fire.

About the Company:

Simply Sleep Mattresses are leaders in the production of memory foam mattress. It was developed by NASA but the credit goes to Simply Sleep Mattresses for popularizing the concept and giving everyone a peaceful night’s sleep. They pride themselves in delivering the best quality beds and memory foam mattresses in UK. Simply Sleep Mattresses also offer customers the benefit of next day deliveries. The success formula with them is clear- the best of luxury at affordable prices.