Hanover Mortgage Offers Free Hard Money Loan and Trust Deed Investing Guides

Hanover Mortgage Company, a leading privately held real estate lending and trust deed investment company, announced today it is offering a free guide to hard money loans and a free guide to trust deed investing. “These guides provide greater clarity and understanding of the loan & investing process in a clear format,” said David Lapin, president and principal of HanoverMC. “Both guides will assist in accomplishing borrower’s and investor’s trust deed investment or real estate finance goals.”

In today’s real estate market, securing financing is often difficult especially with situations and circumstances that may not meet conventional underwriting guidelines or timelines. Many potential borrowers never receive funding, not because they would not qualify, but because they cannot effectively navigate the system.

The “Borrower’s Guide to Hard Money Loans” provides information on hard money loans for potential borrowers. These private loans are not highly publicized, but they offer a viable alternative to traditional lending. Once both the benefits and the potential drawbacks are understood, borrowers may find a hard money loan to be the right fit for their real estate borrowing needs.

Investing under today’s economic market conditions requires discipline and an eye towards alternative investment vehicles. As a fixed-income investment, trust deeds offer an ideal way to diversify a portfolio, preserve capital and control exposure to market volatility while still seeking stable, equity-like returns (7% -12%) that are based on low to moderate risk. Furthermore, interest income is usually tax deferred if investing IRA, family trust, or pension funds or, in the case of Roth IRAs, is tax-exempt. The “Investor’s Guide to Trust Deed Investing discusses why trust deeds offer a sensible, secure avenue to investors looking for higher yielding income investments.

“Real estate loans are in short supply in many real estate product categories; at the same time investors are experiencing difficulty finding high-yield investments,” said Sean Gharavi, chief executive office of Aidris. “Hanover Mortgage Company provides an easy solution for investors looking for higher yields with trust deed investing, while at the same time, helping borrowers access hard money, or private money sources of capital.”

To receive your free guide to hard money loans or a free guide to trust deed investing, please visit http://www.hanovermc.com or contact Hanover Mortgage Company at (714) 455-9121.