First ever Startup Iceland conference to take place at Ásbrú

The first ever Startup Iceland conference will be taking place at Ásbrú Enterprise Park in Iceland on May 30th 2012 with keynote speakers such as Brad Burnham of Union Square Ventures attending the event. 

The conference endeavours to strengthen Iceland’s global influence and create a confluence of global entrepreneurship and business innovation to foster sustainable start-up ecosystems worldwide. The international event will bring together entrepreneurs, investors and dignitaries from startup communities all around the world.

Bala Kamallakharan, the Founder of Startup Iceland and Investor, said, “Iceland is a fantastic place to launch a startup let alone a conference to bring the global startup community together. It has excellent infrastructure, a history of innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as a young, well-educated workforce. Iceland is small, which allows for faster pivots and enables validation of Minimum Viable Products— unique traits that we intend to use as a case study for other communities during our first ever Startup Iceland Conference.”

Startup Iceland will cover topics such as Iceland’s entrepreneurial successes and challenges, how to create localised dealmakers to activate successful regional entrepreneurism, the significance of seed funding and determining the best financial opportunities, Boulder Colorado’s transition from college town to Startup Tech hub, New York’s claim on Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial reign, innovations in energy efficiency and utilizing renewable resources, the new ‘Entrepreneurial Renaissance’ and leveraging social entrepreneurs to propel brands.

Speakers at the event will represent startup communities from Iceland, the U.S., Canada, Europe, the UK, Asia, Scandinavia, South Africa just to name a few. Amongst others, speakers include Brad Burnham, Founder, Union Square Ventures; Brad Feld, Managing Partner, Foundry Group; Gunnar Hólmsteinn, CEO, CLARA; Eirikur Hrafnsson, CEO, GreenQloud; Rebeca Hwang, CEO, younoodle, and Hilmar B. Janusson, EVP of R&D.

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