Business white paper discusses social media tools and executing strategy

Leading Business Execution software company, SuccessFactors, an SAP company, recently released a new business white paper titled Mind the Gap: Are You Anti-Social? The paper, written by Dr. Karie Willyerd, Chief Learning Officer at SuccessFactors, and the co-author of the best-selling book, ‘The 2020 Workplace’, discusses how to harness social media tools in order to accommodate the communication preferences of the new generation.

The newly released white paper explores how the Internet is becoming the new social intermediary and with this, how times are changing fast, not only in our social lives, but also in our work lives.

In less than two years, more than 47 percent of the workforce will be Millennials (those aged between 18-33). The Millennial generation is constantly connected and communicating whether it is text messaging, instant messaging, Facebook, Twitter or the dozens of other single-rich applications on the World Wide Web.

Due to this, for the first time in modern management history, leaders and front line employees are using dramatically different media channels. With the numerous new choices of media, management is at risk of failing to speak the language of the front line if it doesn’t explore and comply.

According to the SuccessFactors’ white paper, if your corporate learning function looks the same as it did five years ago, or even two years ago, then you have a problem. Learning must incorporate the features that make hanging out on social sites compelling – commenting, rating, tagging, signals of changes, rich media, user profiles, the ability to form communities, and so on.

One of the greatest impacts a learning function can make is to bridge the divide between strategy and execution. This can be done by building the skills and knowledge of employees so that they can help execute business strategy.

The Mind the Gap: Are You Anti-Social? white paper has been released in conjunction with a free webinar organised by SuccessFactors set to explore the benefits of Social Learning in the workplace. The webinar, titled Social Learning in the Workplace, will take place on Thursday 31st May 2012.

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