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Google Places is big – But how big an impact does it have, and will it have, across international markets?

Multilingual web marketing-agency, WebCertain, is exploring the current and future international impact of the ever-evolving local search landscape, specifically focusing on Google Places through a global survey. The results of the survey will form the basis of the report into the international usage of Places, along with key trends and challenges of local search in multiple global markets.

All survey participants will receive a copy of the final report and also get entered into a draw for a ticket to an International Search Summit, when responding before 1st April.

According to Google, around 20 percent of all search queries on its site have local intent, making local search one of the most interesting and important areas in SEO today. As we witness further adoption of mobile devices from which consumers can access information while on-the-go, local search will most likely gain additional impetus.

While there is widespread recognition on the importance of local search and Google Places in the SEO-community, so far research into the international impact of this area has been heavily neglected.


The survey can be accessed and shared via this link:



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