Text2Fly launches free widget to display flight schedules on popular Nigerian web sites

Text2Fly, the service that sends Nigerian domestic flight schedules directly to mobile phones via SMS text messaging, has just released a web widget that Nigerian webmasters can use to display flight schedule information on their web sites, news sites, forums, and blogs.

Many Nigerians travel by air. So to help satisfy the demands of the traveling public the webmasters of popular Nigerian web sites began publishing a flight schedules information page. However, most of them soon found that it was difficult to collate the schedules from all the Nigerian airlines. And so today, their flight schedule pages hold outdated information that is of no use to their numerous visitors.

Text2Fly’s widget, which can simply be dropped into an existing web page without any code changes, now allows Nigerian webmasters to publish a free and accurate version of the Nigerian domestic flight schedules for the benefit of their customers.

According to Timi Agama, the founder and CEO of Text2Fly, “We devote considerable resources to keeping our flight schedules accurate. And now any Nigerian webmaster can use the free Text2Fly widget to show their site visitors accurate and comprehensive Nigerian domestic flight schedules”.

Launched in November 2010, Text2Fly is a mobile service that lets travelers receive any Nigerian flight schedule on their mobile phone by sending the Text2Fly number (33057) a simple SMS text message that is similar to this: “From Lagos to Abuja on Monday at 8am”.

All Domestic Nigerian airlines like Aero Contractors, Arik Air, Air Nigeria, IRS Airlines, Dana, Overland, Associated and Chanchangi are covered. Text2Fly currently has over 45,000 fans on Facebook and many thousands of Nigerians use the service regularly. Text2Fly holds a Nigerian patent and its approach to enabling a complex mobile application to be delivered via SMS by letting users enter commands as an English language sentence is unique.

Text2Fly is a product of Anthill Digital Limited, a Nigerian provider of web-based solutions.

Webmasters can request more information by emailing info@text2fly.com.ng.