Fisher Price has pure joy in store for your baby now

The Fisher Price Jumperoo brings a whole new dimension to your home in the form of activity, stimulation, enjoyment and a completely safe way to entertain your baby. It’s like having a babysitter on-call at home.

Fisher Price Toys are renowned for their quality and longevity. Now we see how innovative are these baby experts. Their range of Jumperoos builds on the legacy of baby bouncers and offers you some fantastic new benefits.

The Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo is the next dimension when it comes to baby play places. Suitable for babies who can hold up their heads, this is a complete activity centre. The stand-alone Jumperoo provides your baby with an experiential learning centre all of their own. Suspended in the seat station, they are secured by three spring cords. This means they have complete freedom of movement, in a 360 degree sphere, whilst being safely ensconced on the rotating seat. The seat itself is built on three rollers to ensure complete freedom, relatively and securely, for your baby. This means that whilst they are always in your eyesight, they can start to feel what freedom is all about.

Surrounding the seat are five interactive toy stations with lights and sounds that react to your baby’s movements. These stimuli give purpose to baby’s time in the Jumperoo and motivate him or her to change direction, making full use of the seating arrangement. This is great for their budding sensory perception and means that as they choose to move in response to auditory and visual cues they can do so without restraint and any potential ensuing frustration. The rewards they get will reinforce their desire to respond to their environment. Stimulation comes from the electronic toy station, peek-a-boo toy station, rattle toy station, spin toy station, and swing and pull toy station. All of these combine to ensure the full range of your baby’s skills are brought into play, quite literally.

There is no sensory overload however. For example, the centre’s electronic toy station senses your baby’s movement, picking up on bounces and rotation, and rewarding your baby with lights and sounds and music. These automatically switch off after baby loses interest.

The Jumperoo is practical for you as well as your little one though. Whilst the seat is softly padded with extra back padding for comfort, it can be easily removed for cleaning and is fully machine-washable, while the spring cords can also be adjusted in three different height positions as your baby grows. This means that your investment has a great lifespan to it as well. Its strong aluminium frame is robust but yet folds flat for easy storage and travelling too.

Whilst the features of the Fisher Price Jumperoo can be explained at length, the best way to learn about the benefits of the Jumperoo is to hear what other mums have to say about it. Mums love the fact that baby is furthermore safely protected by its strong frame. The upright stance that baby is held in seems to be a winner too, as many mums recognise how frustrating it can be for their little one to lie down on traditional play mats or the floor. Best of all, they think it is great to have a few moments with baby off their hands, whilst watching them giggle and smile while bouncing happily.

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