Home Buyers and Sellers Matched Automatically! Concept of the Future, Today!

Dating sites were among the first on the internet to match two persons with stated personal requirements. This process of matching has now moved on to the realm of Real Estate.
A new website FlipConods.ca has recently been launched which, like dating websites, matches automatically buyers and sellers of real estate and saves a lot of money in the process, to both buyers and sellers . An additional advantage to the seller with this selling method, is the ability to sell home privately, outside normal broker channels while receiving the exposure through this discreet but very effective website. Membership of the website is fast, free and without any contract or obligation.

Nawel K Seth, President and the Broker of Record of Trail Blazers Realty of Markham (GTA Toronto), Ontario , Canada and the brains behind this novel way of selling says that this is the concept of the future, today and is likely to revolutionize the selling process. “While traditional way of selling will continue, this new way of selling is likely to catch on and become a significant section of the industry” Nawel said.
The old traditional listing process, besides lacking privacy, is also painfully expensive. The cost of buying and selling of real estate itself drains thousands of dollars, however, Nawel states that this stage also offers one of the biggest opportunities to save real big money. It is also a great site for buyers who want to buy a specific property but want to explore the opportunities beyond regular MLS.
Currently there is no effective venue available to property owners and investors of real estate to sell / Flip properties without revealing their identity through the traditional MLS listing process. Many sellers would sell for the right price but are reluctant to sign a contract or actively engage in the selling process. This site should come as a relief to such sellers and to those who want to Flip condos before condominium registration as their anonymity is maintained. This website automatically matches property buyers and sellers 24 hours a day while maintaining their complete anonymity. As soon as there is a perfect match, the sale can be accomplished within a few days without the buyer or the seller signing a long term contract or having a sign on the property or anyone knowing about the sale.
“The site FlipCondos.ca has a huge database and is constantly growing. The functionally of the site fully supports and can be used by the buyers and the sellers of the freehold homes as well, don’t let the domain name FlipConods.ca fool you” says Nawel K Seth