Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference announces dates for 2012

The popular Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference (RIMC) has announced that its next annual event will be held on 9th March 2012 in Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik.

The 2012 Internet marketing event will be focusing on two tracks, mixing various topics in Internet communication and marketing, best practice tips and Social Media over one day.

Amongst the speakers already confirmed for RIMC 2012 include: Eli Pariser, The Filter Bubble; Bill Hunt, Back Azimuth; Ben Chapman, BBC; Charles Dowd, Facebook; Brent D. Payne, Tribune/BaldSEO; Motoko Hunt, Adobe; Phil Greenwood, Microsoft; and Matt Neal, Bright Sparx.

For the first time, the Internet marketing conference will also be holding the miscellaneous ‘Dark Sessions’, featuring Mikkel DeMib, Peter Van Der Graaf and Fantomaster. This session will be focusing on the ‘darker side’ of Internet marketing.

The Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference (RIMC) is an essential networking tool for marketing and advertising people, web editors, sales and marketing managers, as well as directors of small and large businesses. The conference is also ideal for anyone who is interested in business on the Internet.

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