SuccessFactors helps hotel group with strategic talent management planning

SuccessFactors, leading provider of cloud-based Business Execution Software, this week announced that The Lancaster Landmark Hotel Group has built and deployed a competency framework using SuccessFactors to identify specific hospitality behaviours, and improve employee recruitment, retention, and engagement. 

Following the deployment of SuccessFactors’ Performance Management and Goal Management software in 2008, The Lancaster Landmark Hotel Group has been able to use the critical performance data gathered from SuccessFactors to identify and measure specific behaviours.

“We knew as a group that we needed the ability to hire the attitude and train the skill – not the other way around. Prior to implementing SuccessFactors, the feedback and the decision as to where somebody stood with their performance, and what opportunities were there for them were not really consolidated. SuccessFactors has allowed us to give a very clear set of hospitality behaviours and management behaviours that everybody aspires to at an appropriate level for their role, and enables us to give clear and regular performance reviews to them that will help us continue to meet our business objectives as effectively as we can,” explained Will Newbigging, Director of Organisational Development at the Lancaster Landmark Hotel Group.


The Lancaster Landmark Hotel Group devised a consistent set of values and behaviours, and a framework to support the people management investment which initially began at the Lancaster Hotel, now rolled out across the group gaining a distinct competitive market advantage for its talent. Hiring people with the right behavioural fit is not only cost effective with regards to future coaching and training, but also helps contribute to existing employee retention in an industry characterised by a high churn rate. The company is now seeing a marked difference in its customer satisfaction levels, as well as employee engagement levels by meeting the very standards that the group has set for itself.

Newbigging continued, “SuccessFactors listened to us uniquely as to what we were trying to achieve, and they’ve been very flexible with us. We’re now looking at the Succession Management module, which will be the next stage of our implementation. SuccessFactors has opened our minds to what technology can do for us. We’re both curious and excited about what we can achieve as a business moving forward.”

To view a case study regarding The Lancaster Landmark Hotel Group’s implementation of SuccessFactors’ business execution solutions, click here.

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