Quality Tekla Drafting services: Tekla Structures Drafting services

Tekla Structures is an interactive 2D drafting and 3D modeling software that simplifies design process for Reinforced Concrete (RCC), Steel, Concrete and Wood structures. The 3D model can be shared across multiple project members for communication and coordination.

OSTD Detailing Inc is leading Tekla Drafting services provider for mid to large size Fabricators and Contractors across USA, Europe, Australia and Middle-East.

Tekla structures software helps in:
• Tekla drafting
• CAD conversion
• 3D Modeling
• Steel detailing
• Fabrication integration
• Project management
• Connection detailing
• Shop drawings
• Sheet Metal shop drawings
• Anchor-bolt setting plans
• Reports (Part lists, Advance BoM)
• Project documentation

Advantages with us:

• Expert Tekla drafters and engineers – well qualified to do your job.
• We accept any Inputs – raw data, hand sketches, images, etc.
• Easy integration into your project delivery systems
• Save cost, time and critical resources

All the important elements of project delivery such as framing plans, dimensions and drawings that can be customized into the single 3D model. Using Tekla Structures fabricators can enhance project efficiency, precision and delivery schedule.

Save 60% on your Tekla drafting services by outsourcing to us.

Link: http://www.outsourcestructuraldrafting.com