Trion:Z carves into the Ski Market with a competition

With numerous Ski & Snowboard shows and exhibitions kicking off this week, the time of year for snowsports is just around the corner. To celebrate the start of the 2012 Ski Season, Trion:Z are giving away a pair of Head Icon TT 300 PR skis (with Head PR 11 bindings) for one lucky fan!

“Trion:Z has millions of fans across 60 countries in sports like Golf, Cricket, Cycling, Triathlon and Running. Snowsports was the natural, exciting next step. Many skiers and snowboarders feel stiff and sore after a day on the piste which is where Trion:Z could help” says Jess Higton, UK Marketing Manager for Trion:Z.

Trion:Z’s magnetic, ionic wristbands combine balancing ions and magnetic therapy to help boost circulation and aid with muscle stiffness. A perfect companion for all winter sports enthusiasts.

After their launch at the recent Scottish Ski and Outdoor Show, the competition announces Trion:Z’s entry to the ski market which is why they are offering such a exciting prize.

The Head Icon TT 300 are designed for cruising and carving all over the mountain and are 170cm in length. The competition runs until Monday 21st November. No purchase is necessary in order to enter the competition.

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