New accounting software features helpful for businesses

The latest technologies in accounting software for business are emerging from online accounting software providers. Online accounting software has made it easier for bookkeepers, accountants, and business owners alike to access their business accounts from anywhere in the world.

These accounting and bookkeeping software features provide full control of your business accounts or those of your clients. Financial information can be accessed in a format that suits you and your business.

These online accounting software for businesses have extremely useful customizable features such as:

Online Quotes & Invoicing

This accounting software has the capability to email quotes and invoices in a professionally presented format directly to customers and clients as well as automatically convert that quote to an invoice.

Timesheet Tracking

This accounting software has an integrated time billing feature that allows you to capture details of staff time and directly bill customers.

Project Costing

Provides full financial and cost control. The software manages all costs and revenue by project including the ability to run multiple projects and sub-projects. The software can also track staff costs against individual projects and allows you to invoice against your projects.

Migration of Data

Allows automatic migration of your current accounting data to another computer accounting solution as well as minimize transfer integrity issues by identifying and capture of all key information required to establish your new accounting solution.

Product and Service Invoices

Provides the client with the ability to setup standard codes to pre-populate their invoice line items with revenue and expense account codes, description and sales price.

Integrated Payroll

Provides complete online payroll solution by providing the ability to maintain employee records and perform all payroll related functions.

These customizable features are all found in Shoebooks accounting and bookkeeping software.

Shoebooks accounting software could help your business in your bookkeeping needs for it has the capability to maintain your own business accounts as well as your clients. It can be configured to suit your business as you work. It gives the opportunity to access client’s company files as well as your own from any computer with internet access.

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