Blue Car Rental Iceland: Ideal location and Keflavik International Airport transfer

Blue Car Rental, a family owned car rental company in Iceland, is located near Keflavik International Airport in the Reykjanes peninsula, an area of incredible natural beauty. This ideal location also provides easy car pick for transfer between Keflavik International Airport and Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik.

As Reykjanes is marked by active volcanism, it offers many of the greatest sights and activities in Iceland. The main sights being large lava fields; steep cliffs fighting off the Atlantic Ocean; hot springs; sulphur springs; craters; a rift valley, which marks the boundary of the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates; and of course the world famous Blue Lagoon. No matter what time of year, travellers can always find something interesting to do or see.

Blue Car Rental’s proximity to Keflavik International Airport (5 min), Blue Lagoon (10 min), and Reykjavik (30 min) helps the company providing clients with swift delivery and easy access to other services provided by the car rental. The company focuses on service and has received great reviews from clients all over the world

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