Icelandic television programs’ showcase launched by BBC Four

A week of Icelandic television programs are being shown on UK television channel BBC Four, showcasing some of Iceland’s best films, documentaries and comedies.

BBC Four’s ‘Iceland Week’ feature kicked off yesterday with the UK premier of Icelandic comedy series, The Night Shift (Naeturvaktin), which was selected in 2007 as the most popular television series in Iceland.

Other programs to be shown this week include photographer Ragnar Alexsson’s documentary, Capturing the Faces of the North, as well as various other documentaries based on the Icelandic Viking Sagas. The 2006 Icelandic film Jar City, directed by Baltasar Kormakur will also be shown.

Complementing the focus on Icelandic culture, Julia Bradbury will be showcasing the best of Icelandic scenery with her hour-long special, Icelandic Walks, which will be screened on 11th May at 9pm. The show sees Julia walking 60 kilometres of Iceland’s most famous hiking route, culminating with a trip to the huge volcanic crater at the centre of the now-infamous Eyjafjallajokull glacier.

In addition to BBC Four’s focus on Iceland, Channel 4 will also be visiting Iceland in its new travel program, Vacation, Vacation, Vacation, hosted by Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer, which is due to be screened on 11th May. The show will focus on luxury adventure in Iceland and will feature helicopter trips, snowmobile rides, Northern Lights viewings and a stay in South Iceland’s luxurious Hotel Ranga.

Throughout the recording of several of these programs, Icelandair has helped to transport various television crew members. To find out more regarding flights to Iceland from the UK, visit

BBC Four’s ‘Iceland Week’ will be running until 15th May.