Try unique igloo village adventure tours in Greenland

Luxury Adventures is offering an incredible Greenland adventure tour, where its visitors get the amazing chance to experience living in an igloo, as part of the accommodation during the tour.

The unique igloo village tour lasts for four days, during this time travellers will join local guides for sled dog treks to the igloo base camp, located in a frozen fjord. During the trip, travellers will get to enjoy the magnificent landscape, gigantic icebergs, and local wildlife.

The traditional igloo can accommodate 2-4 persons depending on the client‘s preferences. The inside is made very cozy without spoiling the atmosphere of camping out in the nature; the guests sleep in high quality sleeping bags but underneath them we have placed layers of furs and skins. Lanterns and/or candles will light up the igloo and gas heaters will be used to give the extra warm feeling.

The igloo village is a group of igloos (snow-houses) built in the old traditional way by the native Inuites of East Greenland, where building methods have been passed down generation by generation for centuries. As these houses are ‘perishable’ the number of igloos depends on each group size, i.e. the village is tailor made for each group according to size and preferences.

All meals during the tour are cooked on gas equipment ‘expedition’ style, and meals are mostly eaten outside when possible; the dog-sleds and light tables and chairs for furniture.

Luxury Adveuntres can tailor each camp according to the client‘s needs and preferences, adding extra furniture, catering, flushy toilets and even hot showers.

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