DSstyles announces crystallized Xbox 360 Kinect with Swarovski Elements

DSstyles, the innovator and designer of Swarovski crystal cases and gadgets announces the world’s first Swarovski crystallized Kinect created exclusively for 2011 New Year’s dreaming gift. This is another impressive shining gadget created by DSstyles under product line DS. Crystals.

The crystalline Kinect is consisted of more than 5,000 brilliant cut silver Swarovski crystals, red crystals featuring DS trademark, purple crystallized Xbox 360 marks and an original Kinect itself. Each crystal of superior quality and craftsmanship glitters. With the wonderful workmanship excelling nature, the Japanese artist of DSstyles, Mr. Takahiro spent 108 hours setting the crystals by hands. Being a Swarovski crystallization specialist company, DSstyles also accept customization of crystallized Xbox 360 Kinect. You can make it as a plain colour Kinect, a colorful Kinect or any other designs you require.

Kinect – a controller-free motion-gaming peripheral for the Xbox 360 that is created by Microsoft this quarter for bringing more fun and entertainment to games. The sensor recognizes your movements and mirrors it in the game, which makes you the controller. DSstyles is dedicated to present a luxury, shining, distinctive Kinect in an extraordinary way.

This isn’t the first valuable Swarovski crystal gadgets DSstyles has dangled in front of viewers. < DSstyles announced the creation of Lamborghini Murcielago Crystallized Car Model & Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM AMG Crystallized Car Model earlier> Aside from those glittering and luxury pricey gadgets, DSstyles continues to explore their product types to fulfill their customers’ requirements. Customization service is available in DSstyles. Whatever design and products customers want, we will try to make it for you.

For more information, visit http://www.dsstyles.com