The first home report iPhone app for Scotland is now available for homebuyers

Onesurvey, a Leading Home Report provider, today launched the first ever iPhone app for Homebuyers allowing them to download copies of Home Reports straight to their phone.

Thousands of Home Reports on properties for sale are requested by interested Homebuyers each month and for many, there is a delay in obtaining the report for a variety of reasons such as selling agents only providing them during office hours.

Homebuyers can download a schedule for a property they are interested in so why not a Home Report for that property at the same time?” said Lesley Sorridimi of Onesurvey Ltd, “We are committed to smoothing the process for the consumer and this app gives the consumer information at their fingertips as well as personalising the report in their name. The Lender issue is a serious one that Onesurvey are keen to resolve.”

Onesurvey have always provided 24/7 access to Home Reports through its leading technology and it was clear that an iPhone App should be next step. Not only will the app give a buyer instant access to the Home Report but will smooth the process with the Lenders, something that has been an issue in the past. The app will automatically personalise the report to the buyer meaning their Lender can go straight to the surveyor for the valuation transcript required for lending purposes, saving the buyer both time and, in many cases, money.

Selling agents are also pleased to see technology moving the market forward, Emily Cathcart, of Rettie West End LLP said “Innovation like the Home Report app is vital to keep the property market moving forward and buyers want information on a property at their fingertips.”.

The iPhone app is free to download and is available now on iTunes

About One Survey Ltd

Onesurvey is an independent organisation working with selling agents, surveyors and leading edge technology to provide a Home Report solution to the property market. With local surveyors all over Scotland we make sure that the Single Survey and valuation are the best independent information that is available. Onesurvey offers the simplest, most flexible system that automates most of the processes and we place quality and excellent customer care among our core values

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