Iceland Airwaves music festival to be covered on IceNews

Online news channel, IceNews will be covering the highlights of this year’s Iceland Airwaves music festival, held between 13-18 October across various venues in downtown Reykjavik, Iceland.

IceNews will be providing the reader with the highs and lows of the annual festival event; from artist reviews to the atmosphere and the spectacle of the crowd.

The online news channel has previously reported on Iceland Airwaves, alongside various other music and arts events; the most recent being the ‘Iceland Inspires’ concert, held in Reykjavik. The ‘Iceland Inspires’ event, held on 1st July, provided to be a great success for both IceNews and the Inspired by Iceland campaign. Music lovers, including IceNews, braved the rain to watch Damien Rice, Glen Hansard, alongside other Icelandic artists, all surrounded by the beautiful landscape of Reykjavik.

The Iceland Airwaves festival, sponsored by Icelandair, is an annual music festival that prides itself on promoting up-and-coming international and Icelandic musicians, mixed with Iceland’s unique party atmosphere.

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