Keflavik Airport’s Arnar Reynisson sees results with successful marketing strategies

Arnar Reynisson, Marketing Manager for Keflavik Airport, graduated from College of Staten Island in New York with a MS in Business Management before beginning at Iceland’s International airport. Since, Reynisson has made many significant changes with various successful online marketing campaigns and social networking efforts.

Keflavik Airport has recently received a lot of positive press and gained a global reputation for being a superb airport with great facilities and services. The airport has consequently become known as the ‘Best Airport in Europe’ after receiving high praise from passengers in the Airport Council International’s survey, the world’s leading airport customer satisfaction standard.

Iceland’s International airport also received a nomination from SVEF for its Christmas brand campaign. The campaign basically involved making use of social media networking channels such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter in order to gain a rapport with passengers before they entered the airport. This built up customer communication by keeping them informed on the airport’s facilities, settings and services.

Reynisson said, “I would say that due to Keflavik Airport’s location, we have a great advantage over many other European airports in terms of transatlantic flights, connecting flights and stopovers. For instance, we have been referred to as the “Central Hub in the Atlantic” as Iceland is located perfectly between North America and Europe, connecting to the two continents. This also means that passengers travelling through have the option of stopover holidays, maybe just one or two nights where they can experience Iceland’s natural beauty and extraordinary landscape. Iceland’s capital city, Reykjavik, is just a short drive away from the airport and so is the world renowned Blue Lagoon, so there is plenty to see if the surrounding area.”

Additionally, Keflavik Airport has seen average monthly visits to its website increase dramatically over the past two years. In 2008, around 40,000 visitors came to the site and then in 2009 between 70-80,000 visted. In comparison, for 2010 so far the airport has received 180,000 visits for both languages (English and Icelandic).

Furthermore, the airport’s eighteen retailers have all seen a positive response from the recent success with spending per passenger increasing by 10.3 percent. Also, according to the annual Capacent Gallup customer survey, the overall positive image of Keflavik Airport has increased from 76 percent to 91 percent.

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