Leading Global Brand Xerox to Speak on International SEO

XeroxDelegates at the International Search Summit Seattle on October 6th will have the opportunity to hear from Rebecca Berkich, Search Marketing and Domains Manager at Xerox, when she talks on the growing challenge of managing SEO activity across multiple markets.

Rebecca, who spoke at the first International Search Summit in London in 2008, will be discussing how the rapid development of the internet across all regions of the globe is making the job of an international SEO more complex and how a global brand like Xerox is adapting to the changes. Xerox currently has 160 websites in 20 languages.

Following Rebecca’s session, Andy Atkins-Krüger of WebCertain will take up the topic from an agency perspective, highlighting the obstacles agencies are having to overcome in order to provide the best possible service to clients.

Andy says, “International SEO has always had its challenges and complexities, however the constant innovation taking place online means that practitioners of global search marketing are having to constantly modify and update their activities to stay ahead of their competitors and effectively reach their target audience.

“Ultimately brands and agencies are facing the same challenges, however these can manifest themselves in different forms and we hope that by presenting both perspectives at the Summit, we can give delegates a thorough insight into the topic and present them with some useful action points to help improve their global SEO performance.”

Other topics at the International Search Summit, which takes place at the Bell Harbor Conference Center on October 6th, include the global plans for the Yahoo! and Microsoft search alliance, IP Geolocation, global Twitter and Facebook strategies and search in Russia and Japan.
Speakers include Eugene Lomize of Yandex, Kelly Thomas Nojaim from Microsoft, John Yunker of Byte Level Research and Koichiro Fukasawa, founder of Japanese search marketing company Wasabi Communications.

Tickets for the Summit are still available.

About the International Search Summit

The International Search Summit is a series of conferences dedicated to international and multilingual search and social media. It started in London in May 2008 and has covered a range of online marketing topics within SEO, PPC, Online PR and Social Media.

The conference brings together some of the leading search marketing experts from around the globe who provide advice on running successful international campaigns. It has taken place in London, Oslo and Berlin. From 2011, the International Search Summit will be partnering with Search Marketing Expo (SMX) to run events across the US and Europe.