Grete Waitz Supports Fokus Bank Oslo Marathon for Cancer Charity

(Original Source: News PR – Marketwire)

Former Norwegian marathon runner, Grete Waitz, who won nine New York Marathons between 1978 and 1988, will be attending the Fokus Bank Oslo Marathon event in support of the Active Against Cancer charity.

Waitz attended a press conference about the event earlier this week and contributed many words of advice for marathon participants including; be properly rested, be in good time, dress for the conditions, tailor your speed to your fitness, be realistic and do not start too fast, and drink at every station.

Helle Aanesen, CEO of Active Against Cancer said, “Active Against Cancer has no less than 200 runners in Fokus Bank Oslo Marathon. They’ve all paid NOK 2400 to take part and all the money is going to Active Against Cancer. Our goal is to generate revenues through physical activities which are devoted entirely to fighting cancer.”

Additionally, the Fokus Bank Oslo Marathon is for the first time holding a special disabled class that involves local celebrities accompanying and assisting blind and partially-sighted runners. The scheme will include partially-sighted athlete Hakon Gisholt as one of 13 runners afflicted by the retinitis pigmentosa eye disease.

“Whether you run 3 km, 10 km, a half marathon or the full marathon, we just want to inspire you to exercise and let you discover how fun it is to participate,” explained Trond Mellingsaeter, CEO of Fokus Bank and the strategic partner for the event. “In addition to this, through participating, you will not only be in better shape, happier and have more energy; you will also be helping all the charities and people affiliated with the event.”

The Fokus Bank Oslo Marathon, since its beginning in 1981, has become Norway’s largest street marathon offering a full marathon (42,195 metres), a half marathon (21,097 metres), 10 kilometre race and three kilometre race. This year 16,000 people from 71 different nations are expected to participate, smashing the previous record of 14,192 participants set in 1994.

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