Aviation conference in Iceland to be held at Asbru Enterprise Park

The Atlantic Conference on Eyjafjallajokull and Aviation, which will be held at Asbru Enterprise Park, is set to be the most important aviation conference in 2010. The conference will take place between 12-15 September in order to address issues raised by the Eyjafjallajokull volcanic eruption and its effects on aviation.

The conference, organised by the Keilir Aviation Academy, will be held in the Andrews theatre, an ex-U.S. army theatre at Asbru Enterprise Park in Iceland. Topics to be addressed will include: What happened at Eyjafjallajokull? Why was Europe’s airspace closed? What procedures were followed? What has been learnt? What are the effects of volcanic ash on airplanes and can they be reduced? What steps are to be taken, and by whom, to minimise the threats that volcanic ash poses to aviation?

The Guest of Honour will be Capt. Eric Moody, the captain who glided the famous British Airways Flight 9 B747 out of volcanic ash to safety on 24 June 1982, and Patron of the Conference will be Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, the President of Iceland.

The Asbru Enterprise Park is located in a former airbase right next to Iceland’s international airport and is synonymous for aviation and technology across Iceland after NATO evacuated in 2006. The former airbase was then re-invented into a community of entrepreneurs and businesses. The enterprise park is roughly a fifty-minute drive from Reykjavik and accommodates the Keilir Aviation Academy, which offers high standards of flight education.

Additional information about aviation conference and Asbru Enterprise Park can be found at http://asbru.is/English/