International search marketing agency unveils SEO-Localisation service

SEO Localisation service launched

SEO-Localisation, a new service designed to help international organisations improve the efficiency of their global online marketing, has been launched by WebCertain.

The service was launched at the Localization World conference in Berlin, where WebCertain ran an International Search Summit event and Andy Atkins-Krüger presented a session on blending SEO and localisation into one process.

SEO-Localisation combines localisation with SEO to produce web content which is both accurately translated and optimised for search engines. Delivered by WebCertain’s multilingual team, which contains both search specialists and professional translators, SEO-Localisation blends the two processes into one, delivering both consistency and efficiency.

The service has been developed to ensure that high standards of translation and SEO are maintained during the process and to reduce the lead-time on multilingual web projects.

WebCertain’s Managing Director, Andy Atkins-Krüger says, “Many organisations see Localisation and SEO as two separate beasts, dealt with by separate departments and separate budgets. However, this all too often results in large sums of money being spent translating websites, which then remain hidden on the web because searchers and search engines just can’t find them.

“SEO-Localisation helps solve this problem, by ensuring that the translated website is automatically optimised for search engines, improving the return on the localisation investment and reducing project lead-times.”

Andy will be delivering a webinar on Blending SEO with Localisation on Tuesday 6th July at 4pm BST where he will look at the benefits of employing an SEO Localisation strategy, as well as the challenges of doing so and how to overcome them.

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The International Search Summit is a series of conferences dedicated to international and multilingual search marketing. It started in London in May 2008 and has covered a range of online marketing topics – SEO, PPC, Online PR and Social Media.

The conference brings together some of the leading search marketing experts from around the globe who provide advice on running successful international campaigns.

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