Eurotunnel: Surge in enquiries for channel tunnel prices following Volcanic ash disruption

British holidaymakers looking to take holidays on the continent this summer are choosing to travel by the Eurotunnel in increasing numbers, announces Eurotunnel.

This increase is a direct result of the Icelandic volcanic ash eruption when travellers sought alternative routes in and out of the UK due to the widespread disruption to flight services.

Eurotunnel has seen…

  • A 30% increase in online bookings
  • Visits to increase by 50%
  • Calls to the contact centre go up by 40%

Eurotunnel responded quickly to the Volcanic Ash crisis by opening extra space for Eurostar for people to travel to Dover from Calais.

Despite the huge growth in demand this summer for train and car Channel routes, Eurotunnel are lowering their channel tunnel prices to their lowest rate for the last five years, offering savings of up to 35%.

 Eurotunnel - travel to Calais

The fastest route to the continent from England is to travel to Calais by through the Channel tunnel.

• Up to 3 departures per hour

• Direct motorway access

• Prices include car and up to 9 passengers

• No luggage or fuel supplements

• Folkestone to Calais in just 35 minutes

About Eurotunnel

The Channel Tunnel is the longest undersea tunnel in the world.

Eurotunnel operates the Channel Tunnel infrastructure and makes available paths to train operators who are licensed to operate cross-channel railfreight services.

With up to three shuttles per hour it is possible to travel to Calais in just 35 minutes.

Eurotunnel is currently offering the best prices in five years for the fastest route to France – travelling by car. There are savings of up to 35% for customers who book now at

Editors’ notes

* 35% saving based on a standard single for travel between 16/07/2010 and 05/09/2010 – 2010 prices compared to previous 5 years. Subject to availability.

Excludes bookings made on the day of travel.

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