SagaPro – herbal supplement for nocturia in men with BPH

SagaProAn Icelandic supplements manufacturer now offers its top product internationally. SagaPro is thought to be very helpful to men with nocturia caused by prostate enlargement, or BPH.

For men with prostate enlargement, SagaPro may be a most welcome product. As the prostate gland enlarges with age it can cause various urinary problems. One of them is nocturia; the need for frequent bathroom trips at night, a problem that leads to sleep deprivation.

SagaPro has been sold in Iceland since 2005 and is extremely popular there. It was developed by SagaMedica, a natural products developer with a highly academic background; its founder is a professor of biochemistry and former president of the country’s largest university.

SagaPro is believed to relax smooth muscle cells in the bladder and urethra, decreasing the need to urinate. It is produced from leaf of Icelandic angelica, a medicinal herb that has been used by Icelanders for over 1000 years. SagaMedica has shown that angelica leaf contains many bioactive compounds, and among them are so-called leukotriene inhibitors, believed to be the main reason for the product’s apparent effectiveness.

Reduce nocturia with 1 tablet

Since SagaPro was introduced in Iceland, it has largely replaced other well known prostate supplements. According to SagaMedica, one of the best aspects of SagaPro is that people are able to evaluate it quickly as bathroom trips at night are a rather obvious measuring stick. Just count the trips to the bathroom before and after a few weeks of usage. Normally, people only need to take 1 or 2 pills daily before bed. The company ships 10-tablet SagaPro samples worldwide so people can try out the product without commitment. SagaPro packets are also comfortable to receive as they are designed to fit through mail slots.

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