Online knowledge quiz to promote ICT in education and teaching

BectaThe government agency for technology in education, Becta, in collaboration with the National Education Network (NEN) launched the first ever nationwide online schools quiz which took place last Friday. Thousands of primary school children up and down the country competed simultaneously in the interactive online competition battling to become the ‘Brainiest school in Britain’.

The Next Generation Learning National Schools Quiz was aimed at Key Stage 2 and open to pupils all across the country, aged between eight and nine years old. The online competition took place on Friday 12th March. The winning pupil’s school was awarded with up to £3,000 worth of ICT equipment or training.

“Becta believes that integrating technology across the entire curriculum is essential for making lessons and learning more enjoyable, and rewarding. This is just one great example of how technology can be used to inspire learners.” said Stephen Crowne, Chief Executive of Becta.

Becta aims to promote and implement the productive and innovative use of technology throughout the teaching and learning process. The Next Generation Learning campaign encourages the move towards the innovative use of media and communication technologies in order to create a more exciting, rewarding and successful experience for learners of all ages and abilities.

A Learning Platform is an ideal example of what the Next Generation Learning campaign promotes, as it provides opportunities for extending learning both in and out of school. Students, parents, carers and school staff can access resources, online storage and tools for communication. While pupils can access learning material outside the classroom, submit homework and assignments for marking and assessment and also take part in live discussions with other pupils and teachers.

Becta’s Next Generation Learning Charter is a simple way for schools to publicly show its commitment and progress towards the use of technology in teaching and learning. Launched in January 2009, the Charter process leads and supports schools on a four-stage journey towards excellence in ICT usage, showing that the whole school has been transformed by their use of ICT in education.

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