Brand campaign by Arnar Reynisson for Keflavik Airport leads to nomination

Arnar-Freyr-Reynisson-Keflavik75 Christmas brand campaign by marketing manager Arnar Reynisson has lead to Keflavik International Airport’s nomination in the category of ‘Best online marketing campaign 2009′ by SVEF.

Arnar Reynisson, Keflavik International Airport’s marketing manager, made use of social media networking channels Facebook, YouTube and Twitter in order to gain a rapport with passengers before they entered the airport. The Christmas brand campaign was essential in gaining customer interest and trust, by focusing on providing outstanding customer service.

Reynisson understood how vital customer communication is by keeping them informed on Keflavik’s facilities, settings and services; for example, the airport’s duty free shopping zone. This action plan helped the airport to raise its score in the Airports Council International passenger survey between 2008 and 2009 by 0.14 points.

“We’ve had a huge success in terms of marketing communication and passengers’ endowment for the last two years. Late 2008 we decided to increase the focus on the foreign passenger because the recession has made the Icelandic Krona more favourable in exchange, allowing them to enjoy our excellent shopping area…We also offer these transatlantic airlines good and quick service and their passengers can enjoy their short stay at the best airport in Europe,” explained Arnar Reynisson.

In the recent Airports Service Quality survey, conducted by the ACI, Keflavik International Airport was nominated the ‘best airport in Europe’, scoring highly in passenger satisfaction.

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