Reykjavik’s annual online marketing conference hosts an impressive line up for 2010

RIMC 2010Reykjavik 06.01.2010 -The next annual Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference and Expo (RIMC) has been scheduled for 12th March 2010 and has already gathered a great line-up of speakers from Internationally renowned companies such as Ericsson, Microsoft, CCP Games, Icelandair, Econsultancy and many more. Now in its sixth year, RIMC is bigger than ever with this year’s event showcasing a wider cross section of the industry.

This year’s Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference will be exploring the possibilities created by employing structured promotional approaches and focused advertising campaigns through the use of Internet and Mobile Marketing and Advertising. The events main themes will be Mobile Marketing and Ecommerce through Internet Marketing.

The event will be hosting two keynote speakers (possibly three but that has not been confirmed*) on Mobile marketing and Technology: Allen McCaskill, Director of Media Solutions at Ericsson, the Swedish phone giant and Ashley Friedlein CEO, Econsultancy as part of the marketing mix for Internet Marketing.

McCaskill will talk about the latest technology in mobile marketing and communications and the future of the mobile phone. Ericsson is truly a giant in the mobile world and is constantly developing technology and platforms that in the end benefit both users and marketers. Allen will give conference guests an insight into the world that is emerging to truly be the next marketing platform. Econsultancy’s Friedlein will talk about the most up-to-date issues in Internet Marketing and what the next logical steps will be for marketers worldwide. Econsultancy is one of the world’s leading organisations in Internet marketing with an International following.

Amongst other speakers are Allan Dick, Jr. the Chief Marketing Officer at Vintage Tub and Bath and a Senior Plumbing Evangelist, Jenny Leahy, Manager, Community & Web Publishing for Microsoft Advertising, Eugene Ehrbar, CEO of Anomaly and Gudmundur Arnar Gudmundsson, manager marketing communication at Icelandair and more.

RIMC 2010 is ideal experience and opportunity for anyone who works in, or is interested in, business on the Internet. The conference will appeal to marketing and advertising people, web editors, sales and marketing managers as well as directors of small and large businesses. The conference is in English.

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*Third keynote will be from a major social media site

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