Restaurants in downtown Reykjavik catering for festival crowd

La PrimaveraThe numerous restaurants and bars in the downtown Reykjavik area are all preparing themselves for a busy and eventful week with the annual Iceland Airwaves music festival beginning today and proving to be bigger than ever. From hotels and hostels, to restaurants and bars, everyone is getting ready to host the thousands of music enthusiasts that flood the streets every year.

Reykjavik over the years has never failed to deliver; supplying the thousands of festival goers with astonishingly beautiful cuisine since it first began back in 1999 living up to its global reputation of hosting an array of outstanding restaurants that offer dishes from almost every corner of the world.

La Primavera, a favourite with the locals, is a modern restaurant, which combines influences of North Italian cooking with local, fresh Icelandic produce. Owned by Leifur, the Chef, and his wife Jonina, the maitre d’, La Primavera is a laid back, yet smart restaurant. The lunch menu is simple and surprisingly affordable, always providing the freshest ingredients, and not to mention the best possible fish – or as the world renowned chef and restaurant owner Jamie Oliver once described it, “The most amazing, freshest fish I’ve ever had in my life. It was all so perfectly cooked too. Beautiful.”

The exclusive menu offers various homemade pastas, risotto, gnocchi, polenta and a wide variety of the freshest vegetables, poultry, meat and game available. As a whole, the menu, the atmosphere and the comprehensive, exclusively Italian wine list has indeed proven La Primavera to be a classic in Reykjavik, still understated, still simple and above all still very, very yummy!

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