Black History Month 2009

With the onset of Black History Month many leading inspirational black figures such as; Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Harriet Tubman, (to name a few) and at present times Barack Obama have prominent places in our minds.

To commemorate, each week we’ll be taking a look at the achievements of our very own members of staff at Westminster Adult Education Service (WAES).


Black History

By Angela Gordon Wright

(Associate Lecturer at WAES)

Many black faces that you see

played a part on our black history

for they stood firm through trouble and strife

to give our children, a better life.

Black History Month, I hear them say

why not celebrate everyday

what we learn, what we already know

we should build on

so that it may grow.

Then pass the information on to our nephews,

nieces, daughters and sons

so they will pass it on again.

Like blood that flows through the vein

like water flowing through a steam

like Martin Luther King and his dream.

Like Maya Angelou recites

these people fought for all our rights.

Black history is not a theme,

it’s part of our ancestors’ dreams.

Angela Gordon Wright has been a lecturer at Westminster Adult Education Service (WAES) for over ten years.

Before working for WAES Angela worked full time as a Nurse at St. Georges Hospital in Tooting. After the arrival of her two children the hours were difficult for her to mange as there was no 9-5 in the nursing profession, it was either ‘early, late or nights’. After some serious thought she made a career change and entered the teaching profession and hasn’t looked back since.

Angela first started teaching at WAES in 1998 teaching the BTEC Nursery Nursing Level 3 course. She completed her PGCE at Greenwich University in 2005 and was appointed Associate Lecturer for Early Years at WAES.

“Over the years I have taught many learners from Entry level right up to level 3. Having a direct impact on people’s lives and helping them achieve their goals is enormously rewarding,” says Angela Gordon Wright.
Many of Angela’s students have gone on to achieve great things whether it’s continuing their studies, gaining a job or even just enriching their lives. Three of her previous students are now her colleagues at WAES, which is great as it’s a testament to her hard work and determination to help them succeed.

Last summer Angela arranged for Constance Briscoe (Author of the book ‘Ugly and ‘Beyond Ugly’ and one of the first Black women to sit as judge in the UK) to meet students on her Childcare Diploma course. The students were completely thrilled at meeting Briscoe and it gave them an enormous boost in confidence.

Angela also organises the annual Childcare Award Ceremony. This year’s award ceremony was a great success and students praised Angela for all her support and encouragement throughout the course.


Date: 01/10/09

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Editor’s Notes

  1. Westminster is one of the most diverse and dynamic communities in Britain.
  2. Westminster Adult Education Service (WAES) is one of the largest adult education providers in the country.
  3. WAES is part of the education department of the City of Westminster. It is funded by the London Central Learning and Skills Council (LSC). Our board of governors includes student representatives, elected members of the city council and members from the community and local organisations.
  4. We have strong roots in the community, running courses where they are needed through partnerships with the local authority and other community and education bodies.
  5. To ensure the quality of our courses and support for students, WAES is inspected by the Adult Learning Inspectorate. On courses leading to national qualifications, we must also meet the high standards required by examination bodies.