Iceland health tourism takes step closer at Asbru

1186278_weight_scale_Iceland’s innovation centre and community of education and entrepreneurs, Asbru, has taken another step closer to establishing world-class medical facilities for the whole world to enjoy.

The Asbru community, at the old NATO airbase next to Iceland’s Keflavik International Airport, will become home to a brand new international health services centre, according to the new Term Sheet jointly signed by the Keflavik Airport Development Corporation (Kadeco) and Iceland Health.

The idea fits with Kadeco’s recent work to develop a health village concept whereby businesses working in health related industries are clustering together to exploit synergies.

It is Iceland Health’s goal to increase specialised health services and begin substantial medical tourism in Iceland. Iceland Health’s initial product offering will include joint surgery and obesity surgeries, including important post-surgery rehabilitation. Obesity services will also include a range of behavioural treatments against obesity.

The company will co-operate closely with eminent experts in the field from Scandinavia and the UK. To this end, important personnel have already been recruited for the project.

Iceland Health’s Asbru health centre will be backed up by a professional advisory council. The advisory council already has confirmed members including: Otto Nordhus, chest wall surgeon; Bjarni Sem, heart surgeon and Leif Ryd, orthopaedic surgeon. The council will also include obesity and rehabilitation experts.

The biggest customers of Iceland Health are set to be public authorities in Scandinavia and the UK, as well as large Scandinavian institutions unable to fulfil their obligations to authorities with regard to the volume of required operations and therapy.

The other significant client group will be made up of British and Scandinavian citizens who have been forced to wait longer than three months for essential medical treatment.

The Iceland Health project will catapult Asbru to the position of premier medical tourism facility in Iceland. Asbru is already home to several innovative companies in the health and wellness sector. More information can be found at: