Westminster Adult Education Service (WAES) lecturer unveils new book

Joanne Haywood, a leading studio jeweller and an associate lecturer at Westminster Adult Education Service (WAES) has unveiled her new book; Mixed-Media Jewellery. Commissioned by A&C Black Publishing the book encompasses the essence of mixed-media jewellery in contemporary society and its methods and techniques for aspiring jewellers.

In order to write the book Haywood embarked upon a journey discovering the use and impact of mixed-media jewellery throughout the globe which has bought the specialist area of jewellery to a wider audience.

Her work utilises both metal and textiles, and the techniques of crochet, stitching, felting and fusing, oxidising and forming.

“My work explores the essence of materials and the permanence of jewellery as physical objects and a transitional idea. Wire compositions are altered by charcoal and wood oxidisation,” says Haywood.

Joanne has been an associate lecturer at WAES teaching jewellery since last year and finds it tremendously rewarding.

“I love teaching, it gives me the opportunity to teach what I have learnt and pass on my knowledge and experience to those who share the same passion as me.”

Alongside creating her own studio jewellery, writing as well as teaching Haywood’s work is continually exhibited in galleries throughout the world.

For information on how to purchase Joanne Haywood’s new book; Mixed-Media Jewellery visit her website at www.joannehaywood.co.uk


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Editor’s Notes

  1. Westminster is one of the most diverse and dynamic communities in Britain.
  2. Westminster Adult Education Service (WAES) is one of the largest adult education providers in the country.
  3. WAES is part of the education department of the City of Westminster. It is funded by the London Central Learning and Skills Council (LSC). Our board of governors includes student representatives, elected members of the city council and members from the community and local organisations.
  4. We have strong roots in the community, running courses where they are needed through partnerships with the local authority and other community and education bodies.
  5. To ensure the quality of our courses and support for students, WAES is inspected by the Adult Learning Inspectorate. On courses leading to national qualifications, we must also meet the high standards required by examination bodies.

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