Adventure Holidays Website Sees Steady Growth

Following the launch of their new website earlier this year, PureTravel has been actively seeking tour operators across the world to feature their tours on the website. PureTravel is delighted to announce that their 2009 target has already been surpassed with a record number of tour operators joining this exciting new website development. This represents hundreds of individual adventure holidays and tours available across the world for travelers.

PureTravel is a joint business enterprise between Mindcom Internet and Real World Travel, it aims to provide people with the best tours, and give them the chance to experience real exciting adventures as well as to discover and appreciate the beauty of the world. PureTravel recently unfolded its newest Web site, it provides key information that will facilitate travellers in choosing the best tourist destinations around the world, and promotes tourism as well as provides people with quality adventure holidays, to locations such as holiday Vietnam.

Simply put, planning a wonderfully remarkable trip in any destination is no longer a problem, it is now easier as PureTravel will help you manage everything. If you are enticed by going hiking to the Base Camp of Everest in Nepal, the site will help you book your tip directly with a Sherpa. If you want to experience a wildlife safari adventure then you can book your trip directly with a Masai warrior in Kenya. Sourcing holidays in this way will ensure visitors gain local knowledge and at the same time, the local communities’ economies will also earn from it.

“Go direct, save money and give more back’’ is the philosophy that guides PureTravel with its product and service development. Thus, it offers a lot of directly booked adventure visits and holidays that come with a comprehensive route plan, complete trip information and clearly labelled tour durations, such as holidays Vietnam. As travellers opt to book their trips directly, they can organise their holiday plans and maximise their funds. PureTravel’s site also offers individual trips from a variety of options and enables every individual to choose from several activities, which they can do during their trip. Some of these activities include trekking, climbing and watersports. There are also family-friendly destinations offered by the site where people can experience a unique twist within the typical sightseeing tours. Blogs with pictures, travel guides, news and tips written by various travellers are also provided in the site to give additional information that can be useful in choosing the best places to visit. Moreover, all holiday trips are handled by a professional tour operator company to ensure safety. This company has been assessed thoroughly by PureTravel to make sure that it follows the company’s high standards concerning environmental awareness and responsible tourism.

Throughout the existence of PureTravel, it continues to provide significant contributions within the world market. One of which is the idea of booking directly, which was made possible through the growth of affordable airlines and accessible Internet connections. This concept was also attributed to the noticeable decline of package holidays within the market due to the expansion of cheap flights and the options for direct hotel bookings, which can all be done via the Internet. PureTravel is strictly committed to its policy regarding responsible tourism and, thus, it only chooses to work with those local tour operators who offer local communities with great long-term benefits and that maintain the welfare of the environment. Developing long-term relationships across the world with the purpose of promoting better cultural exchanges in all communities is also part of PureTravel’s principles.

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