New York search marketing expo (SMX East) fast approaching

Nordic eMarketingThe Search Marketing Expo, SMX East in New York City is set to take place from 5th to 7th October and will be made up of over 50 different sessions on all areas of internet marketing.

SMX East is going to be the ultimate search marketing expo of 2009, presenting a large selection of lectures, seminars and networking events for web marketing professionals who want to keep ahead in the rapidly changing world of search marketing.

Speakers at this year’s New York event include Yahoo! Search’s Larry Cornett and Google’s Maile Ohye. Conference speakers are carefully selected based on proven knowledge and experience that they can share with others. There is also a commitment not to include commercial pitches in presentations – a fact that keeps proceedings fresh and fast.

Director of Search and co-founder of Nordic eMarketing, Kristjan Mar Hauksson, will be speaking at the SMX East session. Nordic eMarketing is a leading internet marketing company in Scandinavia, specialising in SEO.

The SMX East conference aims to help marketers find new opportunities online and for existing online marketers to keep ahead of the curve in one of the most rapidly changing sectors of the global marketing industry.

As an example of this fast change, Kristjan Mar Hauksson will be one of the speakers in the “Iran and Michael Jackson” session – a fascinating look at the changing way audiences are accessing news online and how that can open new opportunities to vigilant marketers.

Kristjan founded the Iceland SEO/SEM forum and is a well-respected conference chair and global lecturer at events such as RIMC, Search Engine Strategies, Search Marketing Expo, AdTech and DNA.

He has fast become an in-demand speaker at international conferences, helping optimise the internet for companies within the travel industry and the fishing and export sectors, among others. International Search Engine Optimisation is Kristjan’s primary area of expertise, and Nordic eMarketing is one of Northern Europe’s top SEO providers.

For more information about international search engine optimisation, take a look at the Nordic eMarketing website