Mary Kay Beauty Consultant Offers Salon Treatments for Free

Are you feed up of paying through the nose for Salon treatments? Well, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, Karlene McFarlane, is offering to do the exact same treatments for FREE, in the comfort of your home!

Karlene is part of a worldwide network of Consultants for the American cosmetic brand Mary Kay. As well as selling an amazing array of well-established skin care, body care and cosmetic products, Karlene offers a service where she pampers, teaches and demonstrates products to her London clients in their homes.

Karlene said, “I like to give my clients the opportunity to ‘try before they buy’! So, many women nowadays fork out for skincare and beauty products that when they get home, they discover it is either not suitable for their skin, they don’t like it or worst still, they simply do not know how to use it!”

As part of the consultation, Karlene pampers her client in products specially selected for their skin type and needs, as well as teaching them how to use the products themselves. Because it is all done in the clients home, they are able to feel relaxed and ask questions, without the pressure of having other shoppers gawk at them!

Karlene adds, “ I’m like a personal shopper! I am able to identify the correct products for a client and teach them how to use it. I’ve had clients that have been afraid to use cosmetics, because they simply have not know how to apply it, but with a little know how, they are able to transform themselves into a different Diva everyday!”

The personal pampering sessions are not only limited to one-to-one consultations, group bookings can also be made too – perfect for a girls night in!

If you are based in London and would like to experience a personal pampering in your own home, FREE of charge, contact Karlene on visit her website at


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