Doherty Associates Partners with Credent

Doherty Associates have today announced that they are to partner with Credant to offer data protection and encryption for laptops, desktops and mobile devices.

As a Credant Specialist Partner, Doherty Associates are able to provide and install the full range of Credant products and are one of only 2 partners in the UK with the level of expertise required to do so.

The growth of mobile computing, and the proliferation of portable storage devices has meant that the security of data stored within a network can no longer be taken for granted. Approximately 6000 laptops are left in London taxis every year. Similarly, large numbers of USB storage devices are found in dry cleaners. Well publicised incidents of the loss of sensitive data by large organisations have served to spotlight this.

There is no longer a one size fits all solution for protecting an organisation’s critical data. Credant allows an organisation the highest security levels of encryption, combined with the flexibility, granularity and manageability that is required and expected for today’s variable computing environments.

The Credant Mobile Guardian (CMG) family of products is centralized, unlike hard-to-manage, ineffective traditional data security systems that rely on full disk encryption. CMG delivers compliance-ready data encryption and security through a single console for all endpoint devices, including external media. In fact, CMG is the only centrally-managed solution that provides data-centered, policy-based protection across all data endpoints – all while ensuring a minimal impact on operational processes and the user experience.

CMG Provides Six Key Layers of protection:
1. User data encryption, allowing IT to protect data that only an individual user needs to see and interact with such as 401k data
2. Application data encryption, enabling IT to transparently protect output from applications without requiring the end user to do anything
3. External media encryption, which automatically protects data as it moves to USB, iPod or other external storage
4. Common data encryption, permitting end users to interact with a shared file while providing data protection that is transparent to the users
5. System data encryption, enabling IT to manage and protect all data and encrypt everything except the first few files for boot-up. This eliminates the need for pre-boot while still providing maximum protection
6. Operating system protection, pro-actively allowing operating system protection based on policies to encrypt the security accounts manager (SAM) database, protect the temp files and secure the password hash
Please check this website again over coming weeks to find out more about Doherty’s Credant offering or to access a variety of downloads and white papers.