Easydisplay presents its new design menu board in Showrooms Worldwide

easy display logoIn this cut throat competitive market, it is always the right information expressed in right manner that gets an edge. Therefore choosing the right type of display solutions holds an extremely important role but a decorative menu board is the most time tested successful display solution.

No wonder why a Retail store having a flashing menu board attracts more customers. A Restaurant’s magnetism lies in that one menu board attracting even the loner standing in a quiet corner. Installing an easy menu board is the simplest way of attracting the customers. With its professional outlook, there couldn’t have been a better match for the shopping joint.
A silver colored stylish menu board can definitely be an eye catcher in the hotel lobby or restaurant entrance.

Easy Display International Co. Ltd., the global major in high quality display solutions offers a combination of a graceful design and a guaranteed product in the Easy Menu Borad category. The product comes in two varieties round corner menu board for the elegant or the mitered corner with the tinge of sophistication.

The easy menu board is the flexible and easy to use display solution. They provide the easy transportability and shipment to ensure global exposure. The poster can be changed without any complexity and therefore make these menu boards practically user friendly.

The menu board being made of light weighted anodized aluminum keeps away the worries regarding strength and durability. The product is made with non-reflective PVC cover and anti glare characteristics which add to the elegance and attractiveness of the display in it. Available in two different graphic sizes of A4 and A3 the menu board can be installed or shifted easily. The company also provides standard fixtures to ensure that menu boards are stable and holds the poster in right position.

These reusable boards make that great impression that you are there to do business. So, have this menu board in front of your café today and give a compelling reason to your customers to enjoy the delicacies.

For more information please visit www.easydisplay.com.cn