New International Keyword Research Service Launched By WebCertain

WebCertain logoWebCertain has launched a flexible and comprehensive keyword research service which will ensure the most relevant, appropriate and powerful keywords are provided – in every language required.

The service, which is available in 44 languages, has been developed for marketers specifically with international portfolios and the keyword research can be used for the full range of web marketing activities, from ad copy creation to naming URLs for landing pages to copywriting.

WebCertain has developed its own bespoke technology to support and enhance the keyword research process. KeywordFluency is compatible with all languages and character sets, as well as all the major search engines enabling WebCertain to deliver comprehensive and quality keyword lists for a wide range of search marketing functions.

International keyword research from WebCertain

The service produces comprehensive reports for each language and has the functionality to rank keywords according to their effectiveness. The process is partially automated but is managed and reviewed by WebCertain’s search linguists, who are all native speakers of the languages they work in to ensure quality and accuracy.

Andy Atkins-Krüger, Managing Director of WebCertain says, “There is often a misconception that simply translating keywords from English into other target languages is a short-cut to success, but this method is always ineffective, as issues such as colloquialisms, dialects, use of special characters and spellings must be considered when choosing keywords.

“Not only that, but searcher behaviour differs between countries and understanding trends and search patterns for each target market is essential in generating keywords that will convert.

“Whether clients need research in just 1 language or the full 44, KeywordFluency will ensure each list they receive is tailored to their specific sector and target market.”

KeywordFluency is a flexible service and is available on a project by project basis, making it ideal for one-off multilingual projects for both agencies and in-house marketers.

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About WebCertain
WebCertain is the one stop shop for all international search marketing needs.

Operating from just one location, WebCertain’s team of native speakers from around the globe works together to create bespoke multilingual online campaigns for its clients.

Combining local cultural and linguistic knowledge with search marketing expertise leads to accurate, effective, relevant campaigns which are guaranteed to improve online performance.

Clients have the opportunity to pick a one-off service from our à la carte menu such as directory submissions, keyword research, page edits, international hosting and press release distribution or they can opt for the full service option to receive an account managed, comprehensive search marketing service.

From SEO to PPC, Social Media to Usability, Online PR to Web Development, WebCertain offers the full range of online services. In addition to its online services, WebCertain’s translation arm, WebCertain Translates, provides professional translations and localisations for both on- and offline projects.

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