Internet marketing experts essential for business success

nordic e marketing internet marketingMany people tend to forget the importance of internet marketing and search engine optimization. At the same time, a company needs to have exquisite skills to market a product, organization, or business. Nordic eMarketing specializes in just that and produces exceptional results to clients and customers all over the world.

Nordic eMarketing is a Scandinavian, UK and US based internet marketing and online public relations company that provides services to organizations around the world.

Nordic eMarketing is a multilingual company, capable of providing services in many languages, such as English, Swedish, Danish, Spanish, several Chinese dialects, French, Finnish, Russian, German, and many more. The company also provides services such as Pay per Click management, web site translation and localization, search engine optimization, providing content management systems, web design and much more. Nordic eMarketing provides expert services in internet marketing targeting any region, country, or language in the world for your business.

As of July 30th 2009, Nordic eMarketing became one of 43 exclusive partners with the Yahoo Web Analytics Consulting Network (YWACN). Nordic eMarketing is the only company in Iceland to be partners with YWACN, but provides analytics services around the world. A web analytics tool is a one of the great tools that provides extremely vital and useful information.

Tools like YWA are essential to optimize results of internet marketing campaigns, raising conversion of retail websites or just looking general visitor behavior. The unique offering that Yahoo as is not only how is it to use and implement, it is the enterprise level web analytics solution that ties in demographic data to visitors. Through this tool one can see an indication of age, gender, and general interests of those coming in, which is information unmatched by any of the other vendors.

Nordic eMarketing is a company which is an expert at these tools and services.

To contact Nordic eMarketing:

Jens Hilmersson
info [at]
Skype: jens_hilmersson_nem

For more information call +44 (0) 20 8816 7405 for the UK or +1 202 470 2705 for the US


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