Brand focus: The growth of Digital Centres of Excellence!

A survey conducted by Knexus Digital has identified an emerging trend of major brands investing in digital centres of excellence or similar initiatives.

The findings suggest that leading companies have recognized significant challenges ahead in creating the right marketing team capabilities to deliver digital success. Specifically, the digital centres of excellence are targeting support to up-skill marketing teams in digital, as well as provide more flexible methods to gather insight and collaborate in response to changing market conditions.

Commenting on the findings, Ashmi Ahluwalia, Product Manager at Knexus Digital said, “Brands are responding to a growing base of evidence that companies who don’t focus on improving marketing team performance face a potential loss of hundreds or billions of dollars of sales to competitors better able to execute their digital strategy. It’s not just about spending more on digital, it’s about understanding how to use the marketing spend effectively.”

As a market leading specialist, Knexus is working with global brands like Cadbury, Dell, Nokia and Shell to provide solutions that incorporate innovative online tools and leading market insights, as well as advising companies on how best to approach up-skilling and equipping marketing teams for the digital challenge!

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Knexus Digital provides innovative online tools and market leading insights to maximise marketing teams’ execution capabilities for digital marketing success.

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