Teachers, Other Professionals Survive Unemployment By Starting A Home Tutoring Business

Newbury Park, California (June 2009) Teachers everywhere are facing unprecedented layoffs. In fact according to the Associated Press, The National Education Association estimates that some 34,000 teaching jobs will be eliminated this year alone with California facing the largest loss of nearly 18,000 teachers. It’s a frightening statistic, however, fortunately unlike many careers where employees are left with few options, teachers can utilize their previous experience to find stable income. In fact, many are finding that they can make even more money than before. By simply utilizing their vast educational experiences, teachers are able to start their own business – A Home Tutoring Business.

Laurie Hurley, the president of Home Tutoring Business, has been helping entrepreneurs start their own home tutoring business since 2005. To date, over 110 new entrepreneurs have utilized Hurley’s proven business model to start their own business. What makes Hurley’s program different is that unlike a costly franchise, wherein the buyer shares their income and pays royalties monthly, Home Tutoring Business provides all the necessary tools a business owner needs including a complete website, customized accounting software program, marketing and advertising materials, a 186-page manual and ongoing support through mentoring and consultation. All of this can be obtained at a price significantly lower than the thousands of dollars required by most tutoring franchises. And, in today’s economy, an affordable option to owning one’s own business is extremely attractive and attainable.

What does a home tutoring business involve? The tutoring business owner will be that of a tutor broker, matching qualified educators with students in need of one-on-one in-home tutoring. As students are constantly looking for assistance with all subjects and grades, K-12, the tutor broker or “matchmaker” will be the one that will find the right tutor for them. Additionally, many tutoring businesses also provide tutors who specialize in assisting home schoolers, special needs students, foreign language development, and so forth.

Also, what Hurley is noting now is that not only are the unemployed starting their own home tutoring business, but also individuals who are currently employed, but anticipate a change in employment, college graduates not being able to find gainful employment, women returning to the workforce, those who are done with Corporate America and want a change, and those who due to the economy are realizing that a part-time income is necessary.

If you have experience creating lesson plans, providing homework assistance, and preparing for crucial testing, such as the SAT or FCAT, as well as the desire to become an entrepreneur, than it’s time to turn your knowledge into income. Even if you have no educational experience but have a strong desire to be a home based entrepreneur, this is a great business. Bankers, retail managers, human resource experts, basically anyone who has “life experience,” not necessarily educational experience can succeed with the tools, mentoring and support Home Tutoring Business provides.

For more information on a Home Tutoring Business or to purchase a business package, please visit www.hometutoringbusiness.com or call 1-888-847-0033.