A Wishforyou is a Wish in the Right Direction

An exciting new social networking website is making waves with its conceptual and positive ideas. Wish For You is a networking platform to make a difference in somebody’s life by providing support in a manner of interesting ways. Social networking has become the new ‘in’ thing, but Wishforyou are taking a total alternative and unique approach, adopting and encouraging positive actions and attitudes.

So, what is so different about wishforyou in contrast to other social networking websites? Viran, Wishforyou Operations Manager, shed some light on the matter, “Wishforyou is a new conceptual networking website aimed at bringing out the best in people and channeling their positive energy to help change the world. We feel that people in the world of today are so wrapped in attaining material trappings, and need to take a step back and realize helping someone in need is the way forward. We at Wishforyou, provide a forum for people to make a wish for anything they need or desire. This gives the opportunity for someone to grant the wish by helping out in any way they can.”

This is indeed a refreshing ideology and people will embrace a change in attitudes from the increasing negative and selfish mentality we see too much of in modern society. But what kind of things can people wish for on wishforyou? Viran proceeded to explain further, “You can wish for anything your heart desires. For instance, you may wish to take a terminally ill child to Disney Land for the first time, but have no way of supporting such a venture. This provides an opportunity for a good-natured soul who has the means to make such a dream come true to grant the wish. In contrast, you could make a wish for employment, allowing somebody out there to help you find a new job. The main aim at wishforyou is to bring people together, nurturing a helpful and caring environment where people come first.”

Wishforyou provides a welcome change from the chorus of social networking websites where the focus is more about you. Viran discussed what his major goals for Wishforyou are, “Focusing our attention on the wishes of others needier than ourselves is what divides us from the animal kingdom. The apathy and concern of the human race is the fundamental component of our psyche, and a beautiful one at that. If we take our attitudes away from self-gain and channel it towards helping each other, surely we can improve society for the better and create a more caring world in the process.”

Some skeptics will no doubt question the Wishforyou system, implying that some people will abuse it for marketing or sexual purposes, but Viran backed up the sentiments by stating, “Those wishing for sexual requests or for advertising and marketing reasons will be deleted and banned from using wishforyou. This sort of mentality is the one we are trying to change and opposes our sound moral principals and the concept what we are striving to achieve. We are focusing on bringing people together and forging good will and positive thoughts and attitudes. Any forms of negative wishing or negative opinions are most certainly not welcome and will be erased. We are championing for a selfless society, where helping each other in any way possible will be the essence of wishforyou. Our website is free to join, and you can make or grant as many wishes as you want. We want to bring back the love.”

Wishforyou is a groundbreaking new concept, which will change the social networking ideology for the better and provide a sound platform for likeminded individuals to meet and benefit from the good-natured mentality of the people around us.